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That’s the same question I asked Joy, a stunningly beautiful girl who I met in the Philippines. We talked about life, love, and about the weird sexual fetishes of her husband.

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Just because she can’t afford the chicken steak with mashed potatoes in the restaurant you choose, doesn’t mean that she is a gold digger. )But most Filipinas have better English skills than French people, Spanish people, and Germans. I’m 20 centimeters taller and at least 20 kilos heavier than her. You think about taking her to…​You took her to Jollibee. Yes, the girls in Manila and the beautiful women in Cebu see foreigners every day. But Pinay women have the incredible talent to express all kinds of emotions with their lips. So, this makes them an ideal love seeker for fake accounts. The numbers of not so famous celebrity/model pictures used by spammers as lure can be higher compared to well-known celebrity pictures.Most of the time, scammers may also use images from Photo Sharing sites.So, it’s advisable to browse through Filipino media outlets.Be familiar with popular Filipina women celebrities through news articles, as well as their social media profiles.

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