Tokio hotel bill kaulitz dating

He says he is looking for the right girl that understands that his job as a singer in Tokio Hotel comes first.After the success of Schrei, Tokio Hotel began working on their second album, Zimmer Roomreleased in February Stand in line like behind him and say like hi and he'll probably start talking.But that doesn't mean his fans have stopped wondering about his relationships. Heidi was previously in a relationship with Vito Schnabel.Back in December 2008, rumors of the star being romantically linked with Natalie Franz surfaced on the internet. But the affair was never confirmed by either of them. The world-famous rockstar did not strike his fame quick and easy.That would be illegal and don't you think he would like someone that is at least 19?The four continued to perform, but aside from being featured on a small-time German news program somewhere between late and early Devilish were not going anywhere until Kaulitz auditioned on the reality TV talent show "Star Search.

Kaulitz was 19 when the likeness was made, making him the youngest person to be duplicated by the Madame Tussauds museum in Berlin.He contacted her at one point and they wrote to one another on the Internet."They later met up as well. Bill even visited her at her house.”A heated exchange developed between the two rivals on the Internet. But I realised that I would lose her to Bill anyway.Bill allegedly wrote about Pinky: “I love her so much, I enjoy every minute with her.” He said he would love to have her in Hamburg with him. Her name is Pinky S., she is half-Asian and is undertaking training as a graveyard gardener.So far, so good – but Pinky’s ex-boyfriend Dennis K. ”The musician and Pinky were together for a few months but she dumped the rocker on New Year’s Eve, reportedly because of Bill. explained: “Pinky was a fan of Tokio Hotel and wrote a letter with a photo to Bill.

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