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A 10-acre site is purchased in Hinckley for the production facility. Estimates of the company's capitalization range from 40-80 million pounds (-0 million USD), all of it from Bloor himself, without bank financing.

Last Norton Interpol produced, although Norton Commander (P52) made for police and army. Bloor starts to set up his dealer network this year. At the Cologne Motor Cycle Show, six new Triumph models are shown, powered by three- and four-cylinder DOHC engines with high horsepower and torque, all liquid-cooled: Trident 750 and 900; Trophy 9; Daytona 7.

They are built by five-man production teams at Harris' Newton Abbot site.

Triumph's new factory is completed on an 11-acre site.

1, to Edward Turner’s revolutionary parallel twin engines, through to today’s hair-raising 2019 Moto2™ 765cc Triple powerplant.

This is the story of how our latest approach to designing and building custom special motorcycles – the Triumph Factory Custom concept – became a reality.

He bought machine tools required for prototype work and set up a state of the art facility in Hinckley, Leicestershire, two kilometres from the old company's headquarters.

In June, Harris started producing and selling his Bonnevilles, with Italian forks and German controls, but British engines and frames.

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