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"I wish I'd been nicer to my parents, and I wish I'd been a better mother," she volunteers. I can't remember why I thought it would change my life.She also wishes that she hadn't allowed her life to be defined so much by her drug-taking. But when I took it I felt no pain, which was what I wanted at the time. And when you are on drugs, it simply isn't there."Now, overall, she is content with her lot.We understand it can be difficult to find a mate with whom you share a similar background, goals, or beliefs, and regardless of who you may be looking for, eharmony wants to help you find the love of your life.Who needs to hang out in the local coffee shop to find a date?It's difficult to say what has stunned her more - the sudden realisation that her days might indeed be numbered; or the tantalising idea, once recovery beckoned, that she could yet live to be a very old lady.Whatever, it all seems to have given her one enormous jolt. "First the cancer, then turning 60 - which I was absolutely traumatised about. I went out for dinner and I got some lovely presents, and it was no big deal.There have been many hospital beds between then and now, mostly in rehab units - and mostly she didn't really care whether she left them alive or dead.

The Rolling Stones' lyric "wild horses couldn't drag me away" was inspired by her: she uttered the words on waking in a Sydney hospital after a six-day coma brought about by a massive drugs binge."I was whisked off and before I knew what was going on I had a record in the charts and I was on tour with the Hollies."At 18 I had a baby, then at 19 I ran off with Mick. I realised I couldn't deal with it."She refers to the pivotal moment as "that dreadful drugs bust". I didn't expect all that attention, to be living in a goldfish bowl. I wasn't the slightest bit interested in celebrity - and I'm still not. "It's all got so stupid now, with people going to the opening of an envelope."It was a long time though, before she really tried to get out of that world, and she fell pretty low before she did.eharmony recognizes it can be difficult to meet people with whom you share common interests and goals within your geographical area, and we can help. The girl next door could be your next date, and your next date could be the best date of your life.eharmony matches you with compatible local men or women - whether you're looking for love in Los Angeles, Denver, or Seattle. We at eharmony want you to find love and romance and to make it last.

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    Both characters are dating, the actors are in no shape or form of dating each other.