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Ad-Aware can be downloaded from many locations, we recommend Lavasoft . If you saved the file to a different folder on your computer, then open that folder and click the Ad-Aware setup file icon. You should be looking at the first window of the installation process.

If you chose “Save” when you were prompted by the File Download window, then locate the icon for the Ad-Aware setup file. If you chose “Open” when you were prompted, then the setup program already should have started running once the download was complete. Close any other applications running on your computer before proceeding, and click the Next button to continue. The next screen is the end-user license agreement, also referred to as the “EULA.” Check the box marked, “I accept the license agreement,” then click the Next button. The next screen allows you to choose the folder where Ad-Aware will install, don’t change anything, just click the Next button to proceed. On this screen, you need to decide whether you want to install Ad-Aware for all users or just for yourself. The final screen appears once all of Ad-Aware’s files have been installed. Check the two labeled Update Definition File Now and Perform a full system scan now and click the finish button.

Choose the option labeled “Anyone who uses this computer.”, and click next to move on. You’ll see one additional screen telling you installation is about to begin. The program will immediately begin updating and scanning.

Ad-Aware should be run approximately once every other week or so.

The wiki How Tech Team also followed the article's instructions, and validated that they work. If your computer has slowed down quite a bit, crashes a lot more than it used to, and seems to put out a constant stream of pop-ups and ads, chances are good that your computer is infected with "adware." Adware is a term for files and programs that get put on your computer without your knowledge or consent, in order to display ads to you.

Adware not only slows down your system, it can sometimes create a security risk.

To update and run Ad-Aware: Click on the link labeled Check for Updates Now, and then the connect button.

If there are any available updates, it will give you the option to download and install them.

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