Updating arxiv papers

If you are submitting in this format, you will notice that ar Xiv has some expectations to make things work smoothly.The ar Xiv guidance on this is helpful: https://arxiv.org/help/submit_tex.

The ar Xiv manual provides further guidance here: You can submit a collection of Te X input/include files, e.g.b) Upload the pdf in the correct format, or alternatively in (La)Tex.Note that if the paper is generated using (La)Tex, ar Xiv won’t accept the pdf format so you will need to submit using the format.c) Complete the metadata (title, abstract, authors) d) After previewing, the system may need to process for a few minutes before you will have the option to submit it from the preview section.After the submission is processed, keep an eye out for an email from ar that provides a unique identifier for the paper.

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