Updating ils events

By the time mid-year renewals come around, we will have a good idea of the extent of 2017 catastrophe losses.

We will then no longer be talking about trapped collateral that has a fair bit of uncertainty in it - it will be either collateral used to pay losses or collateral being released if the required thresholds are met.

From our perspective, given the structure of the ILS market, we delivered because we paid losses when they were due.

We have not seen any clients involved in claims disputes.

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High losses in the insurance and reinsurance industries have set the tone for 2018.All of your unit and property information will be pushed out directly from your database onto various Internet listing services (ILS) platforms.If you see an error message while trying to update your device wirelessly, learn what to do.The majority of our clients have reloaded and raised a fair chunk of money to offset that issue and this allowed them to write new business and participate on renewals.We only had one case where the client didn’t raise sufficient funds and had to curtail their writings, but if anything some of our clients had difficulty being able to deploy all the capital they raised.

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