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The restaurant industry includes fast-foods, casual and fine dining.

These types of restaurants all need waitress services in different capacities.

If you worked for two restaurants, do the same thing. Identify tasks that are relevant to the job post but put in details that will differentiate them from your previous employment. You will have to put on a salesman’s hat and try to increase the sales of the restaurant.

If you have been wondering what are the best skills to put on a waiter or waitress resume, here are some suggestions: There are many restaurant businesses and they are always hiring servants. Although experience is important in many jobs, it is not a top priority.

Casual and fine dining restaurants offer a more formal, posh setting.

Waiters are required to strictly adhere to restaurant guidelines.

Using eye-tracking technology, online job platform The Ladders was able to determine that recruiters spend only 6 seconds scanning a resume.

Based on the heat map created by the technology, it was revealed that most of the 6 seconds were used on the work experience section.

If that’s you, then you probably want to know what is recommended to write in a waitress or waiter resume.

Fine dining restaurants prefer candidates who have completed some college or are presently enrolled in a related course such as Restaurant Management.

Fast-food restaurants are much more liberal in their selection of candidates.

This is why it is important to give the Duties and Responsibilities section serious thought.

Even though the responsibilities are generally the same from one restaurant to the next, do your best to differentiate the tasks you managed per the previous employer.

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