Validating an email address in php friendship dating and romance photo

Beside PHP we use a lot of j Query code for our website projects.Using the following Java Script (j Query) code you can check an email address without a page reload.Actually you need a valid email address all the time, but sometimes an additional check is necessary to reach your goals.

This might be enough for smaller sites, but only if you submit only those addresses with a “good” email address format. Besides a check on the email address format, Mailboxlayer is using different methods to check your submitted email address: There are different ways to check the email address format.Notice also the value for “score”, a value bigger than 0.8 is a good value for email marketing campaigns.If you use the collected email addresses only for transactional emails, a value above 0.65 is acceptable.This j Query example is a copy right from the Mailboxlayer documentation.While using this code your API key is visible to bots and anyone else who inspects your page’s source code.

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