Validating nursing skills

Informatics Solution: Methods and Procedure: Step 1: A needs assessment tool will be used to identify competency needs.

Step 2: Development of simulation scenario(s) by educators with expertize in simulation scenario development and adult medical surgical nursing.

The survey questionnaire has no established validity and reliability scores, thus results from the survey questionnaire will not form a part of the publication, but as a pilot testing for the tool to establish content and validity.

SWOT Analysis of Use of Simulation Technology for Competency Assessment.

The scenarios will include identified skills while allowing for assessment of patient, interpreting of patient data and managing the patient.

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State of the Science: Human Patient Simulation provides the opportunity for participants to react to high risk situations without any risk to patient safety.The participants’ feedback of their satisfaction and perception of the method will also be evaluated using a survey questionnaire.This survey questionnaire is administered annually to assess staff’s satisfaction with the competency assessment process and methods.The use of a validated rubric with established inter-rater reliability and simulation is increasing being used by healthcare organizations for validating nurses competency in the collection and interpretation of data, clinical judgement, clinical reasoning, and communication which are essential to patient safety.Statement of Purpose: Conduct competency assessment within a high fidelity human simulated environment for the nurses at a 25 bed critical access medical center, using a validated and reliable measurement tool.

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