Vs2016 disable updating intellisense

Read more on this blog post about GDB LLDB Debug Engine. VS 2015 includes Type Script 1.5, which adds rich support for ECMAScript 6 (also known as ES2015).

Type Script 1.5 includes support for modules, destructuring, computed properties, tagged string templates for ES3/ES5, and much more.

[UPDATED 8/7] The final release of TFS 2015 is now available.

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From the Team Explorer Sync page, the new Publish to Visual Studio Online section lets you select any of the user accounts in the Visual Studio account manager.This context helps Bing rank the search results to give you the best information from the web to help resolve compiler errors in less time.Get more details on this post about compiler help in Visual Studio. You can filter user accounts that are members of multiple Azure Active Directories to a single directory similar to the filters on the Azure portal.We’ve also enhanced the compiler with new secure code generation, improved vectorization, new asynchronous C , as well as incremental whole program and many throughput improvements. And, while defining components, you can specify artifacts for the component by using a component name that is same as (or contains) the name of the published artifact from the build definition. If you are a service developer, you can use the Connected Services SDK to build a provider that can improve discoverability and drive usage of your services.. NET web apps, i OS, Android, and J2EE, this release adds support for ASP. It also now makes use of the Visual Studio connected services hub, which simplifies the addition of Application Insights to projects and makes it easier to sign in.You can add Application Insights by opening the Connected Services dialog and choosing Application Insights from the list of services. Learn more about Application Insights in VS 2015 in this blog post on Application Insights tools in VS 2015 or the release notes. Now you can let Office 365 API Tools auto-configure Single Sign-On in your ASP.

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