Warning signs in dating

It’s not about everything having to be perfect – it’s about actions and words being misaligned. If you are on your first or second date and they are constantly talking about or blaming their ex (or ex’s), this indicates to me that something is unresolved about their last relationship.

And the truth is, being aware of these warning signs will prevent you from wasting your precious time in your beautiful one-of-a-kind life. To view the original video please click HERE and if you like it please share it on your social media outlets and with your friends or with anyone who you think might benefit from this information.

You cannot be sure how he received your email address.

He may be translating with Google translator, or his English is just very bad. The letters seem strange - maybe they feel generic in quality, or they are not written well.

First of all (especially in New York City) it is not safe to go to the house of someone you don’t know.

Also, when you meet with people in the beginning stages of dating, YOU need to dictate where it’s going to be.

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