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As soon as the customer finishes the payment, he/she may follow the overseas merchant’s official account.They can still make purchases through this account after they go back to China, signifying the start of a customer relationship.

The converted CNY amount will then be deducted from the customer's account when the customer confirms the deal in We Chat Pay or Alipay.After instantly collecting payment from JGOO’s account We Chat Pay or Alipay will buy foreign currency in one working day according to the spot rate that the settlement bank provides.When JGOO receive the money from We Chat Pay or Alipay, we will settle the money to the merchant within one working day.With over 1.08 billion monthly active users as of the third quarter of 2018, We Chat has become one of the most impactful mobile products on the planet.Union Pay was developed by the Bank of China - it is a card payment method and does not have the social and marketing capabilities of We Chat Pay and Alipay.

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    It was one of the first and has been around for well over a decade, and has (or had) the most members of any other site.