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In Season 6 Vera is Pregnant to Jake and threatens to expose him after that murder of Nils Jesper and the escape of both Joan and Franky.

But realises this would implicate her to, so she keeps quiet..

Vera later is seen taking Liz to strip search when she asks Sean and the other officers for their IDs, when Vera goes into the room, she is taken hostage and an officer is knocked out, during the struggle to keep Liz quiet, Vera manages to press the panic button and all hell breaks loose.Vera is threatened by Sean, and is taken into the laundry where other hostages are.Vera reveals to the women that Marie is working with Sean and its an escape.Vera talks with Rita in the slot and during the night decides that what Will has done isn't fair and that she takes Rita out of the slot and drives her to the hospital.Vera and Rita wait for news as the two talk, Rita informs Vera that the injury was her fault, as the night goes on, Rita and Vera get to know each other better and Rita tells Vera that she'll make a great mum, Vera holds Rita's hand and puts it to her belly to feel the baby kick.

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