White book updating service

The output of one step becomes the input to the next.I should probably have a Windows Build and Linux Build (two separate build agents) but the site isn't complex enough and it doesn't do anything that isn't clearly cross-platform friendly.It then cleanly deploys to the Linux Azure App Service from the same artifact I made built for the Windows App Service.Ironically here's a YAML view of the tasks, although I build them with the visual editor.steps:- task: Extract [email protected] display Name: 'Extract files - MSDeploy Crap' inputs: destination Folder: linuxdropsteps:- task: Archive [email protected] display Name: 'Archive linuxdrop/Content/D_C/a/1/s/hanselminutes.core/obj/Release/netcoreapp2.2/Pub Tmp/Out' inputs: root Folder Or File: 'linuxdrop/Content/D_C/a/1/s/hanselminutes.core/obj/Release/netcoreapp2.2/Pub Tmp/Out' include Root Folder: falsesteps:- task: Azure Rm Web App [email protected] display Name: 'Azure App Service Deploy: hanselminutes-core-linux' inputs: azure Subscription: 'Azure MSDN)' app Type: web App Linux Web App Name: 'hanselminutes-linux' package For Linux: '$(Build. Build Id).zip' Runtime Stack: 'DOTNETCORE|2.2' Just to be clear, this isn't standard and it's a pretty rare edge case and it may not work for everyone but isn't it nice to google for a super rare edge case and instead of feeling all alone you find an answer?The list contains all embassies and high commissions with the addresses, all the senior staff, telephone and fax numbers, plus email and website addresses.‘The white book’ is available on the MOD UK Intranet for users who have obtained the necessary permissions to access the Internet version.

(Speaking of the Azure Dev Ops YAML which doesn't have a friendly editor or validator, not speaking of YAML as a generic concept) I unzip the weird folder structure, then zip it back up from a new root.

Anthony Chu suggested that I just remove the folders by restructuring the zip file (unzipping/zipping it).

Could be a simple way to get both Windows and Linux publishing from a single artifact.

I have a build artifact now, it's just in a weird structure.

How did I know the build artifact had a weird folder structure?

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