Who is abby lee miller dating

She says, Let us know the latest on her health front!Miller has completed her third round of chemotherapy, Radar Online had reported. She is experiencing severe side-effects of the treatment and her spirits are down. A number of her friends and family members are visiting her to boost up her spirits. She is now using a wig since the chemotherapy has an effect on her hair and she is also so weak that she is forced to use the wheelchair.The 47-year-old TV star, who has yet to officially confirm reports that she is preparing to take the marital plunge, sparked engagement rumors on social media Friday night after posting the message "I do!!! " alongside an image of herself posing with a man identified as Michael Padula. However, she was also happy about going to prison as she lost 100 pounds.

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Abby revealed in May 2018 that she has fought with cancer and has recovered from it and she is completely grateful for it.The insider has revealed that she is now in the process of deciding as to who gets what in her will.She would also like to reward some friends that she newly made in prison. XO @therealabbylee," Padula posted on Instagram alongside an image of the rumored couple in November.Abby Lee Miller’s relationship with Italian actor, Michael Padula became public in September 2013 after she took to her social media account to share a picture of them.

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