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It was the same year he starred in biographical war film in 2016.

Krasinski has an estimated net worth of about million as of the Celebrity net worthwhile it is about million as per the Richest.

In December 2016, they sold a semi-rural estate in Ojai, CA for .4 million being purchased four years earlier for .15 million.

They sold a 3,483 square foot custom-renovated home in Los Angeles for .505 million to concert T-shirt tycoon Dell Furano.

’…I think it was better for me at the time for her to think I was watching porn than watching , and at first, had a similarly not-so-serious answer. Emily and I are so incredibly happy to welcome our daughter Hazel into the world today! And if [I am] unable to give them any of those things, then who am I? Interested and interesting, and truly happy."Krasinski later told Stephen Colbert that being a parent "is the best.""It's that amazing, wonderful chaos," he said.

"I have a 4-year-old and a 2-year-old and they just became—they've always been friendly, but they hold hands and are buddies now."Honestly, the cuteness is almost too much.

The next year, he made his directorial debut in the comedy-drama movie Brief Interviews with Hideous Men.

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The house was put for same in September 2017 for million.

And while they're no strangers to a photo-op or two, the pair is relatively quiet when it comes to their personal lives. But we did get some actual details about their "very casual" proposal in the same interview.

So what is the key to Blunt, 36, and Krasinksi's, 39, #goals worthy union? I was like, ‘Oh God, I think I’m going to fall in love with her.’ And as I shook her hand I went, ‘I like you.' So if anyone’s looking to pick up a girl, that’s the way to do it. She did cry after I cried and we cried and then everyone around us was crying.

Emily Blunt and John Krasinski have been happily married since 2010, have two children together, and are basically the definition of #Couple Goals; but just how exactly did their love story begin?

While promoting their first film together, how she and her husband first met.

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