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With his all-black uniform and dark sunglasses, Kenny had a brooding allure, something like Wesley Snipes in When Kenny showed up for our date the following Thursday in a saggy gray suit and tie, the overall impression was more secondhand car salesman than superhero.

Under the too-bright recessed lighting of an anonymous hotel bar on Broadway, his overly manicured facial hair had a whiff of disingenuous creep, too.

I spent the hour before hopelessly roaming the dance floor in search of Femi, who was promoting a neo-soul party in the Meatpacking District to supplement her underpaid internship at an ad agency downtown.

The flirty banter of this good-looking bouncer couldn’t have come at a more opportune time.

About 10 minutes into his rambling presentation, I plucked up the courage to end the charade. In a city that was swarming with highly seasoned players—wolves in sheep’s clothing who would willingly steal your heart and/or your money—my date was a bumbling amateur hustler who couldn’t charm his way out of a paper bag. Her hilarious story had me in stitches, though I was surprised to find that there was also a slight pang of FOMO in the pit of my stomach, too.

“I think there’s been some kind of misunderstanding. Now that we knew that the possibility of romance and apparently business was off the table, Kenny became visibly more relaxed. I remembered being the one with the ridiculous stories to tell, the hilarious post-date dish sessions with friends, those crazy adventures that you never quite knew where they would lead. Even though I once relished the high drama of those early romances, a precarious New York love life, with its pits and its peaks, its trap doors and springboards, wasn’t sustainable in the long run. The truth is, I’d found something that suited much better: A boyfriend who lives in London.

) Getting to grips with the finer points of the mating rituals in the city, however, would prove a lot tougher than picking up the vocabulary.

Maybe I could forgive him for butchering my Nigerian name, but this awkward gesture seemed beyond the pale, unless the dog-eared MTA pamphlet was part of some ironic gag. To pivot away from this misstep, he hurriedly ordered us drinks—a Cosmo for me (because ), a Jack Daniels and Coke for him—and then proceeded to rifle through a gigantic binder of handouts. I could guess what was coming next: This cheeky bugger had a girlfriend! And that’s exactly what makes the experience both maddening and magical when you experience it for the very first time.“The city has such an eclectic and diverse group of people,” says Franklin. In this city, “it always seems like there’s something else out there when you’re dating” — which can feel like both a blessing and a curse. [to show] how different people date in different ways,” says Culvenor.Culvenor says that he didn’t want to pick “the same sort of people” that you’d see on traditional dating shows. Even with a varied cast, some city-specific dating struggles sprung up in multiple episodes.He describes the phenomenon as “next-best-thing-itis.” Victoria, a contestant on the first episode of the show, agrees.“I think sometimes people swipe past the best thing out there,” she tells her date, Luke.

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