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One of my favorites singers Rahsaan Patterson recently sat down with Daily Voice columnist Mark Corece for an exclusive interview prior to a performance at Chicago's Park West Theater.

Of course his music was discussed but the conversation inevitably touched on the controversial comments Patterson made in a 2007 interview with BET in which the singer came out and described his homosexuality as "a spirit that attached itself to him".

There is more gray area than there is black and white, meaning there are more people who exist in the inbetween area than there are that exist in the strictly straight or gay area.

And of course, we are born with these inclinations but at some point we all choose or refuse to choose how gray we are going to be.

You may choose to be sexually involved, but not your orientation.

I believe Rashaan shares the opinion of many who have accepted the rhetoric of choice and spirits and such.

The people that know me like my family, my friends and the people I am intimate with, they know, and that's what matters to me. I understand that our experiences are not the same.

February 19, 2009 PM You know,we as gay brothers have to be careful that we are not overly judgmental or cynical about our brothers who choose to believe that there is a choice in being gay.

Now for Rahsaan,because he was abused when he was a child,has a plausible argument.

We all have chosen/discovered different ways to cope with and come to terms with who we are as same gender loving individuals—that is the beauty of self-discovery.

As long as he is content and living authentically in his sexuality who are you, or I for that matter to, to judge him for that. I don't think anyone is "lambasting" Rahsaan for his "choice".

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