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SELENA Gomez has seen her star rise to international superstar status over the last few years.She hit the headlines after having a kidney operation and now she's back with Justin Bieber - here's what we know about the former Disney babe...are you pregent are u vibrating ;0 whats for dinner u gt milk so whos ure other gilfriend whos my new bf lolololol am i preggers did u make out with fish will u brake up with me if i pay u will u brake up with me if i go fat love my boyfriend greystripe's mate is silverstream,whos father is croockedstar,whos brother is oakheart,whos mate is bluestar,whos sister is snowfur,whos son is whitestorm,whos daughter is sorreltail,whos mate is brackenfur,whos sister is cinderpelt,whos sister is brightheart,whos mate is cloudtail,whos uncle is firestar Don't get mad at them, they love you and are doing it to protect you. =] You should also try asking them when they plan releasing you from the restriction.

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She has also starred in movies like Monte Carlo, Hotel Transylvania and Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising.Selena, announced her split from The Weeknd and The Sun Online exclusively revealed she was back with Justin, after Justin's pastor Carl Lentz encouraged them to reunite.A source close to the star said: "They started texting when she was in hospital for her kidney transplant.In a lengthy post she explained why she had been absent for most of the summer as she shared a series of pictures of her scars.Lupus is a chronic autoimmune disease with symptoms including body aches, fevers and extreme fatigue - it can also lead to kidney and heart damage.

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