Women celebrities dating younger men widows online dating

Gabrielle Union The hitmaker and actress dated backup dancer Casper Smart for five years before breaking up in 2016.

More and more famous women are dating much younger men.

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Tina Turner Legendary singer Tina Turner married Erwin Bach, a man 16 years younger than her.

It took me many years to get to where I am in my life now.

I wasn’t fulfilled or satisfied and I think Gerard was the missing link,” Shakira told The Sun.

Eva affectionately refers to Ryan by his last name and in a 2012 interview with Ellen De Generes, she was blushing constantly when asked about him.

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A source says: “If anything it makes Priyanka even more attractive to him.”Photo: Instagram director says: “If I gave a second thought to other people, I would be the unhappiest person, probably still in a miserable marriage,” she said in an interview. I’m like, ‘Yeah, but it works better than my last marriage.’ It’s lasted longer than a lot of my friends’ marriages.”Photo: TPG“I’m so happy right now with Gerard.

In our society today, it is frowned upon for a woman to date or even marry a man younger than her.

Nevertheless, there are some women who turn a deaf ear to what society will say or think of them and they follow their heart.

Photo: Instagram, tied a knot last year to a much younger Chinese businessman.

The man, Jin Hua (based on Korean name), is 18 years her junior.

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