Xm radio display not updating

I told it is NOT satisfactory to be told we can program stations or twist the dial like it is 1953. I told her I called XM several times and they either claimed not to know about it or told me to call the dealer or told me they are fixing it or tried to send me a refresh signal which we all know doesn't work. I told them I called my dealer who told me to call XM.

Then told me they can't do anything about it because it is an XM problem.

xm radio display not updating-19

Today just the Pop genre began to appear with the Hits station for some odd reason!

I’m only able to listen to the 15 or so stations I had pre-set on my radio. I had same problem (not listing stations) on my 2017 Forester. I will give a couple of days then I am cancelling it. Refreshing the signal, updating radio firmware, and replacing the radio will NOT fix this issue. Please read this forms before you report AS THIS IS NOW A KNOWN ISSUE..

Might try it again when they fix the issue but not worth it right now. Called yesterday and they told me to wait until the issue was fixed and then they would issue me refund for time since August 20th when the issue started. Only the Radio ID and Preview channel show up when pressing the category button. Called Sirius, told they know problem with Subaru and are working on fixing it. I have a 2017 Outback and have the same issue with the "List" function. I have had several occasions when I could not switch channels at all. What is the easiest way to quickly change channels on the touch screen since I don't have a knob mentioned in the posts above? I have a '16' Legacy and I am having the same problem. Call Sirius XM and complain but they will do nothing except tell you to call back when issue is resolved for a credit. Yesterday I picked up my 15 OB from the dealer with a new radio in it. The last radio would not hold my subscription signal and I was always refreshing.

I'll seriously cancel all of our sirius if they're not going to fix this and forego subscribing for the subaru.

I have been having this problem with my ‘16 Crosstrek.

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