Youth pastor dating youth bo and danny dating

Here are a few of his ideas for other youth pastors to try if forced to shop with their wives: Sing at the top of your lungs in the parking lot – everyone entering and exiting store will be highly entertained (except for maybe your wife).

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Don’t make relationship decisions because others are pressuring you one way or another. If he/she makes you feel like a weirdo when you talk about church or youth group or Jesus or whatever…Tony and Matt embraced and in moments we were hearing story after story after story of the amazing things God is up to in Matt’s life at Moody Bible Institute. Hopefully, his future bride can find this blog very useful.;) Matt gave Tony a pretty sweet compliment tonight – “Ya know Tony, you would have been a great youth pastor even if you didn’t go to college for it. The next couple hours were spent at Menards and Lowes.Long periods of shopping don’t typically make for an ideal day for Tony, but he’s really good at keeping himself entertained despite having to shop.

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