Yuna ito dating

She was born in Los Angeles and was raised in Hawaii.Ito made her musical debut in Japan with the single, "Endless Story", which was used as one of the theme songs for the popular 2005 film Nana; she also starred in the film, portraying Reira Serizawa.

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The 2012 single "Live Your Life", produced by Pharrell Williams, was a preamble to her self-titled full-length debut, which arrived that April. In 2013, Yuna returned with the album Nocturnal, featuring the single "Falling".

This online success alerted the Indie-Pop label/management company to her music, and in early 2011 she signed with the Fader Label.

She is best known for the collaboration with Usher on her breakout single, "Crush", which peaked at number 3 on the US Billboard Adult R&B chart.

The same year, she auditioned for the first season of One in a Million, making it to the top 40 round before she was eliminated from the competition. Her meteoric rise in the Malaysian indie music scene was helped by the strong following she gained on Myspace.

Her first studio album, Decorate, was released on July 2010.

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